Fethullah Gulen’s conception of Knowledge and Reflection

[Fethullah Gulen | Gulen Movement | Hizmet Movement | Klas Grinell]

Religious Studies Perspectives on the Hizmet Movement was the topic of the fourth panel at the ”International Conference on the Gulen Movement: Paradigms, Projects, Aspirations” held at the International House of University of Chicago in 2010.

In the panel, Dr. Klas Grinell of the Gothenburg University of Sweden presented his paper on Islamic Movements and Gulen’s Conception of Knowledge. Below are some excerpts from Dr. Rausch’s presentation:

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Fethullah Gulen & Gulen Movement – Remarks by Klas Grinell

[Fethullah Gulen | Gulen Movement | Culture of Living Together | Finland | Klas Grinell]

Klas Grinell speaks about Fethullah Gulen & Gulen Movement at the conference, Culture of Coexistence: The Art of Living Together, organized by Finland Dialog Association and The Fountain, a bimonthly US-based periodical, under the auspices of the Finland Ministry of Culture and Sports on April 24, 2012.

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